Disney and Mears and the Monopoly of Transportation Service in Orlando, FL

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Transportation Service In Orlando

I wish 60 minutes would listen or at least email me back about a whistle-blower idea suggestion I submitted to them about how Disney and Mears’s transportation are in bed with each other to exercise a monopoly on the transportation service in Orlando, Florida, and ultimately kill all the competition there is in Orlando, FL.

I don’t have a problem with them doing what they have to do to compete with others but what I don’t think is fair is that Disney charges any independent transportation company or taxi service $20 to get in through the gate of any of its theme parks per day which is outrageous especially when other companies like Universal Studios and Sea world don’t. You would think a company like Disney would want to thank you somehow for bringing customers to their door not punish you for it.

Also, they don’t allow any company that is not Mears transportation which they have a contract with to do their shuttle, taxi, and bus service to drop off by the sidewalk in the downtown Disney area telling everyone to drop off in the parking lots which is very inconvenient for the guests especially when they can’t walk much or are handicapped. They used to have designated areas for other companies or cab services to drop off people and pick them up in the parking lot area but now they even got rid of
that ??!! Further, they have been trespassing people for no reason at all just for dropping off people where they normally should be dropped off by the sidewalk. And all of this for one reason, they want Mears and only Mears do business on their property. As if Mears transportation doesn’t have enough business in the whole Central Florida area.

Let me tell you something about Mears, this company has so much monopoly in this area that no other company in the US has in the transportation business. They run 3 taxi services, yellow cab, checker cab, and city cab and they are the main company in both Orlando International Airport and Sanford International Airport. Also, they are the primary transportation company in the Orange County Convention Center, Universal Studios, etc… besides Disney of course.

I just think that something needs to be done about this situation. Few Orlando cab companies tried to fight this ridiculous situation but in vain since no one else seems to stand up to Disney or Mears in this town.

I’d like to update this article since Disney decided to finally waive their
drop off or parking or whatever fees to enter all their theme parks. It seemed like it was never going to happen in the past but something must have occurred to make them change their mind and I strongly believe Uber has something to do with it! I am just so glad they did like like any of all the numerous other vehicles for hire and cab companies in Orlando!